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2016 Off with a his and a roar

2016 Off with a his and a roar

Hows your 2016 going so far? Ours is busy and sometimes its hard finding enough people to do the work! its part of the challenge although I know Rod pulls a little bit more hair out every month. We get through it though as no doubt you all do as well. We have been busy wrapping charging docks for the all important electric / hybrid vehicles that are coming onto the market. Whether your a petrol head or not electric cars are here to stay and eventually we will all be driving them. As a daily driver I wouldn't mind as long as it saved me on gas. Such an expensive part of life. Once the high end components filter down to mainstream vehicles we can all afford there will be a lot more around and maybe then the fuel costs will have to go down as well. At the moment we all need the fuel so we have to pay. Thank goodness for Gull, if it wasn't for them we would be paying a lot more I believe.


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