Boat Wraps and Marine Signs

Boat Wraps and Marine Signs in NZ

Do you want to give your boat a new, eye-catching look?

Our extensive selection of boat wraps is at your service, with options ranging from full wraps to partial wraps. We take pride in creating designs that will make your boat stand out, and we can smoothly include your boat’s name into the design.

Our boats hold a special place in our hearts and are among our most prized possessions. Our passion for the water extends to our boats, which serve as our escape for relaxing, exciting fishing adventures, thrilling dives, and quality time with our families. Brave Design is here to make sure that the signage on your vessel captures the essence of your passion and uniqueness.

Here at Brave we can design and install your name in any style, size, or colour you desire.


We believe that the signage you choose for your ship is more than just a label; it’s an expression of your identity on the water. It tells a story, creates an impression, and leaves a lasting mark. When you choose Brave for your boat signage, you’re not just getting a design; you’re getting a piece of your own unique journey on the water.


In today’s world of innovative digital printing, choosing boat wrapping in New Zealand is a wise decision that provides numerous advantages over traditional boat painting. It not only improves the appearance of your vessel, but it also protects the hull. Our boat wraps come in an unrivalled variety of colours and styles, giving you the creative freedom to express your individual style.

Furthermore, by choosing our wraps, you gain access to the talents of a well-known marine artist with an exclusive graphic style. Simply select one of our stock wraps or customise by choosing which fish and which backgrounds you want, each effectively built to give room for your name, and let us manage the rest.

We work with you to realise your concept, whether it’s for a dinghy or a super yacht. Our goal is to create a design that you’ll be proud to show off, whether you’re sailing around New Zealand’s coast or travelling the world.

Call us to start your Boat Wrap project in NZ!

Don’t wait any longer to transform your boat into a stunning masterpiece. Contact our signwriters in Auckland for a personalised quote and let us help you make a statement on the water.