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Illuminated Signs NZ - LED and Neon Signs in Auckland

Having stand out signs during the day is important, but what about at night? Here at Brave Design Ltd we believe an effective illuminated sign is an excellent way of advertising your company after hours. Don’t restrict your branding to Daylight hours! If your business is located in a position that sees a reasonable amount of traffic passing at night then you may want to consider investing in illuminated signage.

There is a range of options available to you – open channel or closed face either rigid or flexiface depending on the size, fluorescent, LEDs, Neon, face lit or halo lit.

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Discover a range of options tailored exclusively for you. Whether you’re drawn to open channel or closed-face designs, opt for the resilience of rigidity or the versatility of flexiface – all dependent on your sizing needs. Our offerings span across fluorescent, LED signs, each available in both face-lit and halo-lit configurations. We manufacture all types of illuminated signage, single or double sided lightboxes, your personal touch finds expression through a choice of vinyl or digital graphics, enhanced by the glow of backlit illumination, striking custom neon signage, or cutting-edge light illumination.

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