We’re all about People

We're all about People

The 30-year trading history at Brave Design means that you know we’ve been around for quite a while – And you can be sure we’ll still be there when you need us in the future. We still run on the same principles we did 30 years ago when the company was first founded, honesty, quality, service, and reliability are what our company is based on.

Directors, Glenn and Rod, have both been involved with the business for years. 50 years combined in fact. So you can be sure they know what they’re talking about.

The business itself has been around for 30 years as Brave Design Ltd but years previous it was called Aspinall Signs. In the beginning, as a small business when Glenn was still the apprentice, we all spent long hours here. 80 – 100 hr weeks were not unusual to the lot of us. This is still part of our culture, a “do whatever it takes” approach that has won us lots of loyal customers who trust us to always get the job done – no matter what.

Along with these long hours, a number of friendships were born with customers that still exist today, some nights our clients were alongside us early morning supplying the pizzas to keep us going (thanks to Neil Vernon of Vernon Carriers). 9 years passed by and the opportunity to purchase half the business presented itself so Glenn jumped at the opportunity and purchased the share.

These long associations we believe have to lead to a close-knit working relationship which shows in the quality of the work that Brave Design produces and the way that we get along as a team. We are all about building relationships here at Brave and this reflects in who we are and how existing and prospective clients are treated.